ReelChicago bids a sad farewell to Rod O'Connor

ReelChicago is saddened to announce that our friend and longtime associate, Rod O’Connor, passed on July 27. O’Connor, 53, succumbed to complications involving a blood clot in his lungs.A native of Galesburg, IL, Rod held several positions at Screen Magazine, the publication that Ruth Ratny launched prior to founding ReelChicago, in the late 90s and early 2000s.He began as

New report alleges unfair bidding practices in ad biz

An August 9 report from the Association of National Advertisers claims that agencies steer business away from vendors and into their own in-house production units through deliberate manipulation of the bidding process for “commercials, music, events and other materials.”

LA Filmmaker keeps roots in Chicago in docu-series

When former Chicago Screenwriters Network member and filmmaker Erin R. Dooley decided to make a collaborative self-help film project while walking the The Wicklow Way, an 85-mile stretch through the mountains in Ireland, she immediately turned to her friends back in Illinois.They told her to take a hike. She did.The result is a four-episode YouTube docu-series called Wander on Pur

Intersection creates rolling Grubhub installation

If you don’t have a thing for sushi, then this probably won’t appeal to you. But since I do in a BIG way, let’s talk about the awesome new installation New York-based Intersection, a digital and experiential agency, has erected for Grubhub on State Street.Intersection, which claims is reinventing the way brands connect with people in dense urban areas, engaging people where they ar

Sandro Miller channels David Lynch with John Malkovich

In director Sandro Miller’s 17-minute short, Psychogenetic Fugue, actor John Malkovich portrays a selection of characters from David Lynch films, reenacting the scenes that made them famous.For viewers, it’s a spine-tingling journey through the mind of a genius, a surreal exhibition of audiovisual madness, and a trippy tour of historic cinema. For Miller, it’s the latest w

Chance The Rapper, Sandro Miller propel AICP Next Awards

There are certain things you can be sure of when you’re attending an AICP event in LA.You will see the coolest glasses collection this side of a designer optometrist on Rodeo Drive. You will dance to a DJ spinning old school songs that are so ancient, the sperm and egg that created him had not even connected at the time the song were actually popular. You will see beautiful women killi

"Before the Fall" makes fantastic film history

Producer/director Kamelya Alexan combined epic visuals, chilling suspense and a revolutionary VFX method to take Before the Fall into a place where no short has ventured before.The eleven-minute Civil War fantasy tells the story of a young boy who tries to help his ailing mother by tapping the supernatural powers of a mythical beast in a nearby forest.“The film is almos

Camp Kuleshov changes up the rules for 2017

AICE changed up the rules for this year’s Camp Kuleshov trailer competition, which is accepting submissions until September 5th. Since its founding in 2002, CK has invited assistant editors, assistant audio engineers and assistant graphic/vfx artists at AICE member companies to show what they can do in t

Tandem turns oral hygiene into a laughing matter

Mixing humor into a commercial while staying on message is a tricky proposition, but doing it while reminding viewers about oral hygiene sounds dang near impossible.With smart direction, excellent casting and a brilliant script by Weber Shandwick, Chicago’s Tandem, Inc. pulled it off in a new spot for the American Academy of Periodonto

Lindsey directs series of short films for MillerCoors

Seed Media Arts director Jason Lindsey recently shot a series of MillerCoors short films to celebrate people who know what honesty and hard work is all about.Created by Jacobson/Rost, the six mini-documentaries achieve heartwarming levels of charm from th

Former Steve Harvey lawyer joins Leavens, Strand & Glover

National entertainment law firm Leavens, Strand & Glover announced today that Jed Enlow, former lawyer for the Steve Harvey daytime television show, is now a partner in its Chicago office. Enlow had served as production attorney for Steve Harvey, a role he vacated earlier this year, since 2012. Prior to that, he spent four years as Seni

Optimus' Desir helps build AICE/AMP mentorship program

AICE and AMP’s PrePro Diversity Mentorship Program is expanding the career choices of Chicago students by helping them learn what it takes to work in companies that do post-production and music for advertising.  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.