Barbara Roche takes over as publisher of ReelChicago

Barbara Roche officially became publisher of ReelChicago on April 1. Wielding decades of production and pre-production experience, Roche is the former cofounder and partner in Holzer Roche Casting, which supplied talent for such legendary Chicago films as Home Alone, Backdraft and Groundhog Day.

Director Nicole Bauer crowdfunds to kill people

No one died in the writing of this article, however if student filmmaker Nicole Bauer reaches her crowdfunding goal on Seed & Spark, then she hopes people will die in her movie, aptly titled, “People Die in This Movie.”

Skillicorn men form official business relationship

Heart, Brains & Nerve founder Nathan Skillicorn knew that Seed Media Arts was worth his time long before he agreed to rep it this month.

NoiseFloor brings a universe of sound into new studio

Among the discoveries that Cory Coken and a team of sound designers from NoiseFloor made while preparing to build a new augmented reality / virtual reality (AR/VR) studio was, “there’s a lot of voodoo out there.” “That’s the fun thing,” he adds. “VR is kinda like the wild wild west. Everybody

DDB and State Farm launch "Neighborhood of Good"

Both DDB Chicago and their long-time client, State Farm, believe that at the heart of any strong community are neighbors who care. Moved by this belief, the two have partnered to launch the Neighborhood of Good initiati

Chicago creative Don Pogany launches branded series

Three-time Emmy nominee, Don Pogany, who created some of the most memorable advertising in Chicago as Creative Director at DDB, is prepping an exciting new branded, equestrian-focused webseries called, “The Equestrians.”

GigRig’s new digs fit for a company on the move

GigRig, a Chicago-based company that boasts one of the largest independent fleets of rentable film production vehicles in the Midwest, moved this month into a former electrical plant on the city’s near west side.

72 and Sunny puts LG into NCAA tournament

72 and Sunny has produced a series of commercial spots that show how LG Electronics helps fans prep for March Madness. The new commercials called “Do Game Day Right” highlight those not-so-perfect game day moments.

Hundreds honor ReelChicago founder Ruth L Ratny

Humorous stories, fond memories and sincere gratitude for Ruth L. Ratny were expressed by hundreds of guests who attended a memorial celebration in her honor at Untitled, the River North Supper Club, on Tuesday March 21. In the course of her four-decade career, Ratny often boasted that she had “forged a community where n

Motel 6’s national ad spot feels like a music video

Determined to remind travelers about the fun taking a road trip, the hotel chain hired director Frank Todaro to create a new national spot that feels more like a fun music video than a commercial. “We want to remind travelers that they can create a lifetime of memories with families, friends and love ones while still enjoying affordable travel,” said Lance Miceli, Executive

Seed&Spark holds filmmaker crowdfunding class

Remember that awkward feeling of asking your parents for a loan? Even worse, asking to bum five or ten bucks from your friends? What could be worse? Try being a filmmaker and asking for money that your friends or family will never see again. All to make a movie. Not a film. To the layperson, a movie.

What’s up with Optimus’ new director Sam Macon?

It may seem odd that an accomplished indie film director like Sam Macon would enjoy taking orders from commercial clients, but that’s part of the reason he signed on with ONE at Optimus. “With commercials, there is a limit to how much cr  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.