Film represented at Governor's Summit

When the Governor’s Economic Summit convened at UIC a few weeks ago, the film industry was one of the eight sectors the governor’s office and DCEO deemed important enough to be included. Gov. Blagojevich, who spent some time talking to the panel as he made the rounds of the eight sessions, “is really excited and o

Pete Souchuk dies from plane crash

Reel Wheels owner Peter Souchuk, 49, died Sept. 25 from injuries sustained when his private plane crashed on an airstrip near his home in Three Oaks, Michigan. Eye witnesses said he had taken off from Redbird Fly-In retreat, banked to the right and eye witnesses said the plane dropped suddenly into the trees and crashed. The dual-prop, four-seat plane had been checked that morning

Government can't solve film problems

Post Effects’ president Mike Fayette responds to last week’s editorial questioning the need for new stages and attorneys’ Bob Labate and Kristen Fligel’s clear explanation of the sunset wage tax credit bill. IN TWO ARTICLES, you skewered the false promises of our new

Up and Down the Avenue 9/29/03

Jewel commercials came to an end last week after some 20 years of local production. New owners Albertson’s moved production to its Dallas in-house studio. Producer Diane Mikita, Jewel’s local in-house agency for as many years, won’t be moving with the account. Post Effects shot and edited the weekly spots for nearly eight years. John

5,000 expected at major Showbiz Expo's first-time ever in Chicago

The mammoth ShowBiz Expo comes to Chicago in early November for the first time in 20 years, bringing an expected 2

It's built and no one's coming

A lot of good people believe that “if you build it, they will come.” In many cases that philosophy of business is true: If you’ve got the goods, customers will respond. If customers are in the market for what you’ve got, that is. We’ve got the goods in Chicago Studio City, the biggest and best sound stage complex between coasts.

Puppies are cute little devils

Puppies are cute little devils but they sure get into everything, like knocking down plants and spilling dirt all over the rug. That’s the theme of a D

Features, Tom Busch get a trimming

“Barber Shop II,” which wrapped several days earlier than anticipated, hasn’t been the smoothest of feature shoots, but it was one of the touchiest in many a year that we’ve heard about. Apparently there the conflicts between the director, Kevin Sullivan (“How Stella Got Her Groove Back”) and loc

Out-of-towners shooting spots here

While the Illinois Film Office wonders what’s next ? it looks like “Barber Shop 2” will be the only major studio film to shoot here this year ? the Chicago Film Office is going gangbusters working with out-of-town spotmakers. Some of the activity around town: Joe Pytka is the biggest news on the spot front, and we welcome the A-plus director to add

Tax credit act made easy

Bob Labate

REELSCENE: News & Notes 9/16/03

THE ILLINOIS TOURISM ACCOUNT ad account is up for review, as required by state law every two years. BBDO has had the $12 million businss for four years during which it also did a modicum of film office advertising. To be eligible to bid, an agency must have

First-ever doc on presidential helicopter flies at IFP Market

Producer Mark McCarville waits while presidential transport Helicopter One is loaded onto a cargo jet, for a scene in his “Marine One” documentary go  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.