Program Productions expands

Citing the need for “a little more room” to accommodate its expanded rental and equipment systems, Program Productions moved into 10,000-sq. ft. space at another Lombard location (870 Springer Dr.), a 2,500-sq. ft. upgrade from what had been strictly office space.

Squid Brothers' film tries new approach to pitching investors

Trailers and short promos are the standard formats used to intrigue investors into funding full-blown versions of the proposed indie film. The Squid Brothers, however, have taken a different route. Th

Open Road's hip-hop music video airs on BET this week

Hip-hop duo Giant’s music video was produced for a $2,300 budget.

Surge in some 2002 shooting days may signal L.A. recovery

Los Angeles?Film and TV activity rebounded strongly in the second half of 2002 with record television ad buys and a record box office combining to bring action to the set.

Shooter raves about Panasonic bringing 24P pro features to DV

“Open House” cinematographer Yasu Tanida shoots rigged to

Production scene

“It’s great to be working on something more meaningful than vegetable peelers,” said Angle Park producer Martin Baumgaertner about the job that sent them throughout Chicago taping beautiful exteriors of improved neighborhoods. The seven, 2-minute videos they produced highlighted the neighborhood improvements made by the seven win

Super Sucker' exec keeps indie distribution faith despite poor B.O.

Writer/director/star Jeff Daniels sets up a shot for “Super Sucker,” now in theaters. “You tell me

Comedy jury has daunting job

Eight improv pros are walking past walls of floor-to-ceiling head shots, peering at the pictures, recognizing faces, occasionally putting a shot on the wall labeled “YES!” A comedy troupe rehearsing a difficult script? Not exactly. Instead, explains TV producer Thea Flaum, the mission was to pour over

Music experts speak to 'Salon'

Chicago Filmmakers is experimenting with a “Salon Series” of new informal discussions with experts on various subjects to supplement its slate of production courses. The series kicks off Feb. 13 with two prominent music composers, Mark Messing and Dr. Ilya Levinson, discussing the art and technique of scoring for films.

Interactive PSAs part of $500,000Theatre League promotion

Visitors to Chicago who want to attend a Chicago theatre production can simply place a finger on a computer touch screen. It will display the venue of their choice, indicate ticket availability for that night, how to get

Swell adds Eurostyle editor

Swell’s new editor, Nadia Hennrich, was originally recruited to the U.S. by Detroit’s Blue Highway, after it made a search of European editors and deemed her the ideal candidate. But eight months later, Detroit was not the ideal place for the Hamburg, Germany native. Telling an editor friend she would like to work in Chicago, he said, &

Chicagoan shares top credit on Spirit Award nominee

Co-cinematographer Ron Forsythe (left) and director Bernard Rose (top) on the set of “ivans Xtc.,” wh  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.