Green's indie feature startsself-distribution route in Chicago

John Mahoney and Ian Gomez star in Terry Green’s “Almost Salinas.”

Agencies clients of techieRichter Brothers graphics studio

Jeremy Richter combines technology and graphics for agency and corporate clients

Swell's Joe Otting hits feature paydirt with Splendid Pictures

Joe Otting turned his Project Greenlight bid into a Splendid Pictures production deal.

"Hale Bopp" director readies second feature

Director Chris Rubeo (left) on the set of “Hale Bopp.”

Spring blooms with spot business

You can take this to the bank: Film business historically slows down before Easter and spikes thereafter. In fact, the second quarter of the year has begun with a bang for spotmakers. Crossroads, for one, is enjoying the curve. It’s in the midst of two weeks of shooting for the ongoing Joan Cusack U.S. Cellular campaign for Doner

Budget upped to $500,000 forReaves' Chicago horror film

Producer Parris Reaves and actor Carl Wright of “When Thugs Cry,” premiering May 9 at the DuSa

Chill-O-Vision reshoots scenes onChevy Chase comedy "Bad Meat"

Chevy Chase and Lance Barber star in “Bad Meat”.


John C. Reilly returns to alma mater DePaul for the Theatre School’s 15th Annual Awards for Excellence in Arts ceremony May 8. The Mike Leary twins, Bridget and Evelyn, arrived April 25. Leary had been FCB’s production head for 12 years. Here’s why we’re glad to live in Illinois:

Under the master's baton

Austin Pendleton

L.A. company opens Chicago officein response to DDB

When DDB’s Grant Hill announced the agency’s commitment to keep its estimated $10 million-plus postproduction business in Chicago, he said the agency would not discourage companies in other production markets from opening branches in Chicago. The first company to respond is Santa Monica’s V12 – not a post house, but a fu

Com/track founder dies at 64

Bill Young, the original founder of Com/track, the godfather of Chicago music companies — Chicago’s biggest and most enduring —died April 20 from gall bladder cancer. Mr. Young and his partner Dick Reynolds founded Com/Track in the ‘60s when Chicago commercial production was just taking off. It lasted through several incarnations for 40 years un

MPS' gear addition emphasizesowner's belief in market

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