REELSCENE: News & Notes

MOVIE ROLE FOR BROADCASTER. Jerry Rose, the Chicago religious broadcaster and head of Total Living Network, is executive producer of “Hangman’s Curse,” a thriller based on Frank Peretti’s book, released through 20th Century Fox’s new Witness Entertainmen

Eightball opens new post division

Six-year old Eightball Films in early October will open a new post operation, to be called Island Nation and staffed with four full-time editors. A major addition to Island Nation will be Brett Nelson’s Flame. His Fire Rose Pictures will relocate to Eightball’s River West space. The new post division will be located on the first floor and the production side

Actors to get tips from Hollywood pros

Actors to get L.A. tips from Hollywood pros Seems like the way to L.A. is being paved by the pros. Over the Aug. 23-24 weekend, Star Caster Network hosts a workshop with L.A. casting director Ricki Maslar and actor Jay Michael Ferguson, geared to actors who want to go west. Then on

Engel and Rafayko co-producing Walgreen's first weekly health show

Walgreen’s has come up with a healthy antidote to the dearth of locally-produced TV shows with its upcoming 26-week health series. The half-hour “Walgreen’s Health Corner” will start airing Saturday mornings in January on Ch. 9 and it activates the series skills of executive producer Tom Engle whose T. Engel Productions got the 

Spot production up 70% over 2002

If it feels to you like the spot business has picked up over last year, you’re absolutely right. The Chicago Film Office, which keeps track of these things, reports a whopping 70% increase in the number of commercials shot here to date (as of Aug. 13). CFO noted 61 commercial projects have filmed in the city, representing 104 shooti

Elder gets global distribution deal for $700,000 Piaf concert doc

Producer George Elder and Piaf singer Raquel Bitton during filming of her concert in Toronto.

Reid, 7 others, win AWRT awards

Production veteran Nancy Reid is one of four persons to be honored by the Sept. 19 Angel Awards presented by American Women in Radio & Television’s Chicago chapter. Reid, VP/development for Fred Blurton Productions and former VP/general manager of Broadview Media, will receive the Profile Award &#

Zacuto Rentals buys $125,000 D5 deck

The Chicago HD equipment scene was greatly enhanced the purchase of a $125,000 Panasonic D5 cinema mastering recorder by Zacuto Rentals “of everything HD,” said Steve Zacuto. Panasonic’s D5 is one of the few mastering recorders to enter the U.S. rental market. “We like to buy equip

Buyers, finalists connect at Aug. 9-10 Indiefest Film/Script Market

Chicago’s first Indie Film & Script Market climaxes in a busy weekend as hundreds of prospective buyers see what gems they can mine from among the 47 festival finalists. “We’ve invited every production company and every distributor in the world, along with agents, financiers and even investors from the Boar

McDonald's 'lovin' it' and other ad scenes

I’M LOVIN’ IT, McDonald’s first global campaign, that’s easily understood in hundreds of languages, is underway. The new campaign will debut Sept. 2, first in England and in the U.S. Sept. 29. Omnicom-owned Heye & Partners of Germany, creators of the ne

Hollywood insider reveals how to propel your film career

Entertainment world expert, author, teacher Laurie Scheer holds an Aug. 24 career workshop at Transitions Training Center.

Singer revives campaign for old client

Jingle vocalist Lee Montgomery went back to the future for his long-time client, the Stater Bros. Markets chain of Southern California. Asked to revive one of Stater Bros.’ old campaigns, the job wound up being 18 spots, nine spots each in English and Spanish. Steve Wiebe of Wiebe Music arranged the music and the two co-produced and recorded at Wiebe’s studio. Mon  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.