'Spaceman X' lands in Quincy

Filmmakers Peter Craig

AFTRA elects 14 to board

Local AFTRA elected Dick Kay to the national board and 14 other members to board membership, out of 263 total voted ballots. Representing freelance actors/announcers, models, and specialties categories: Bernie Allen, Sharon Carlson, Will Clinger, Bradley Gabbert, Craig Harris, Bob Wallace, Cedric Young. For the broadcast category: Ji

Calabash animating 2 more shorts

Still from “Tryst Watch” Happily basking in the glow of its Oscar

I-Cubed wants to be seen a'new

Arturo by Dennis Manarchy Photographer Dennis Manarchy pulled out all stops to dr

Film Critics Feb. 24 Oscars in Chicago to be private event

Kevin Spacey won the 2000 CFCA Best Actor aw

New section amplifies local music

By Dan Page SCREENZINE.COM Music Editor Greetings. Welcome to the new music colum

Series launches new production house

A new production company with “a healthy roster of clients” is bravely opening at a time when less intrepid producers are looking for another line of work.? Director Michael Huxley and producer Steve Cudzillo started Brave World Productions in offices above Steve Ford Music studios at 506 N. Clark St. Their new company kicks off with production of a

Could 'Super Sucker' usurp Super Bowl Sunday?

Not everyone is a football freak glued to his TV set on Super Bowl Sunday, reasoned independent filmmaker Jeff Daniels and his managing partner, Bob Brown, of Purple Rose Films. So why not capitalize on Midwesterners who would rather get out of the house and take in a good movie.

Keefe's new company brings comedy where it's desperately needed ? the business world

Humorist Joe Keefe, Humor Resources’ fearless leader Last year was t

I-Cubed Wrangler spots rope in acclaim

I-Cubed garners accolades for these Wrangler jeans commercials. Risk takin

Digital video plays on the legitimate stage

Scott Parkinson (Cassius) in Julius Caesar. photography by Liz Lauren Synchronization of

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