Could 'Super Sucker' usurp Super Bowl Sunday?

Not everyone is a football freak glued to his TV set on Super Bowl Sunday, reasoned independent filmmaker Jeff Daniels and his managing partner, Bob Brown, of Purple Rose Films. So why not capitalize on Midwesterners who would rather get out of the house and take in a good movie.

Keefe's new company brings comedy where it's desperately needed ? the business world

Humorist Joe Keefe, Humor Resources’ fearless leader Last year was t

I-Cubed Wrangler spots rope in acclaim

I-Cubed garners accolades for these Wrangler jeans commercials. Risk takin

Digital video plays on the legitimate stage

Scott Parkinson (Cassius) in Julius Caesar. photography by Liz Lauren Synchronization of

Heart attack fatal to actor Rick Bauer

Rick Bauer was the quintessential actor, said friend and fellow actor Shirley Kelly. “I don’t know anyone more dedicated to his craft than Rick.?He never had a bad day, never complained. He was a joy to be around.” Added Stewart print director Wade Childress, “A nicer fellow would be hard to find. He really had fun in the business.” Rick Bauer,

Fitzgerald's the venue for Lazzeretti films

Ron Lazzeretti Spoke director Ron Lazzeretti is a man of many talents, say

Burnett producer Basham rides 'Man with a Van' to Austin film festival

John Ennis is the ‘Man With A Van’ Come March, “Man with a V

First state-funded film wraps

Executive producer Brad Wells Cheeseburger Films’ Brad Wells made history

WPA gets 'SOUL!' - all 40 show episodes

Patti LaBelle After a year of tracking down lost episodes of “

Digital video plays on the legitimate stage

Scott Parkinson (Cassius) in Julius Caesar. photography by Liz Lauren

Stroke fatal to audio mixer Bill Reis

Bill Reis, considered to be Chicago’s top audio mixer, died Jan. 1 of a stroke subsequent to what appeared to be successful heart surgery a week earlier at Highland Park hospital. He had just turned 50. Mr. Reis had worked at Spots BME for several years following eight years at now-defunct Skyview. Said Spots’ Bruce Frankel, “Th

Festivals sweet on Taradash's

Editor Scott Taradash spent two years and close to $500,000 of his own money to produce “Honeyboy,” a feature length doc about Chicago blues legend David “Honeyboy” Edwardsby. The picture gets top billing Sunday evening at the Gene Siskel Film Center, where Taradash and Honeyboy will appear. Taradash and DP Eric Kay of  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.