SMG’s CEO Laura Desmond is Ad Woman of the Year

Laura Desmond, global CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group, the largest media agency network in the world, called one of the most influential and respected leaders in media and advertising, was named 2014 Chicago Ad Woman of the Year by the Chicago Adverti

Craig Lewandowski joins Utopic as editor/partner

Editor Craig Lewandowski last week joined Utopic creative editing and finishing as a partner, after 13 years at Optimus.  He is one of five editors — alongside founders

STORY signs directors The Barkers for wider ad work

THE BARKERS — the husband-and-wife team of Kristen and Chris Barker — has been signed by STORY

Sarofsky hires EP Steven Anderson to boost spot work

Erin Sarofsky’s five-year old design, concept and production company —  the only one in Chicago that Hollywood calls on to create titles for blockbuster movies — is aiming for more business closer to home, namely commercials.

Camp Kuleshov winners did their AICE employers proud

Optimus assistant editor Aaron Porzel won the Grand Prize for Editing at the 4th annual 2014 AICE Camp Kuleshov Chicago trailer editing contest. The presentation last Wednesday at The Attic @ American Junkie was attended by 150 guests. The contest, exclusively for AICE

IFP revival: Fall Conference set, new director aboard

IFP/Chicago’s annual Filmmaker Conference will return to its longtime home at Columbia College’s Film Row Cinema on Oct. 10-11 after being dormant for several years, before returning last year for an event at the Chicago Cultural Center.

NYC colorist Sudul here as part of new post alliance

When Optimus colorist Oscar Oboza gave notice that he would be returning to Minneapolis, where he’d worked for years, to be closer to his family, Chicago’s Optimus 

Yoder’s outrageous “Rodrigo Quintez” wins web fans

“Rodrigo Quintez,” the web series about a sloppy male children’s entertainer who wears a dirty pink rabbit costume, speaks in a bad Latino accent and kinda hates kids, has scored 2,000 and counting

“Shameless” and spots shoot here all next week

NBC’S CHICAGO-SET “SHAMELESS” will have two units filming around the city for a full five days starting next Monday, Aug.

Webb back at Reeling fest helm after hiatus to retool

FOUNDER BRENDA WEBB is back at the helm of Reeling: Chicago LGBT International Film Festival, after she took it on hiatus in 2012

First-ever doc about Old St. Pat’s church airs Thursday

Cameras rolled in June, 2013 at the World’s Biggest Block Party at Old St. Pat’s church in the West Loop, as doc makers Jamie Fleischel and Matt Leonard of Picture Show and their crew began shooting the first-ever documentary about the 158-year Catholic church.

Filmmaker Fahey vs. Fox host Hannity in a big way

Filmmaker Sean Fahey three weeks ago decided to tell people in Chicago, LA and New York that ”Sean Hannity is an Idiot.” It h  Copyright © 2014.  All rights reserved.