Two dramatic pilots from Fox TV to film at Cinespace

Fox Television has greenlit two dramatic pilots for production in Chicago. “Love is a Four Letter Word” and “Runner” will headquarter and shoot at Cinespace, joining Fox’ hit “Empire” and NBC Universal’s “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago 

CSN’s industry panel to help improve film scripts

AN ALL-STAR PANEL OF EXPERTS from various sectors of film production will be worth braving the weather Sunday, Feb. 8, to hea

SXSW premiere for Crary / Piet’s first indie feature

Producer Erik Crary and director Steven Piet’s first feature will be among the 145 indie films from famous international directors, actors and first time filmmakers

Purrfect! Couple’s short wins $10,000 cat fest prize

“French CATastrophe,” a film by Chicago-based husband and wife team Michael Gabriele and Alana Grelyak, snagged the prestigious “Golden Litter Scoop” awar

Alicia Silverstone stars in Brody / Ryan's third movie

“Who Gets the Dog?” the latest low-budget feature from Reid Brody and Bill Ryan’s 2D2 Productions and Epic Pictures Group gets underway Monday, Feb. 2 for three weeks.  The romcom stars Alicia Silverstone (“Clueless) and Ryan Kwanten (“True Blood”), as a divorcing couple fighting over the custody of their be

Kris and Joe Swanberg movies Sundance successes

Writer/director Kris Swanberg and her filmmaker-husband

At last! Sci fi “Jupiter Ascending” release Feb. 6

Better late than never, they say. And so six months after its announced July release date, Warner Bros. will release “Jupiter Ascending,”

Rare Mayor Washington films at Black Cinema House

February Black History Month in Chicago starts off Sunday, Feb. 1 with a program of three rare films (one shot on Super 8), about the city’s first black mayor, Harold Washington in the 1980s, at the Black Cinema House, in conjunction with Michael W. Phillips, Jr.’s South Side Projections.

JBTV puts 30,000 historical music videos up for sale

Jerry Bryant has put up for sale his massive, one-of-a-kind JBTV archive of 30,000 remastered, first generation digibeta music videos from the ‘80s, ‘90s and 2000s in order to capitalize the expansion and resources of his li

Six Super Bowl spots from Chicago add to Sunday’s fun

Out of the 34 highly anticipated spots airing on Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX, 15 of them are newcomers to the annual television spectacular that 100 million Americans are expected to watch. 

New Towers’ reality show ratings highest ever for FBN

CHICAGO CAN BOAST PRODUCTION HERE of two top-rated TV shows for Fox networks. Ratings for the Ja

Tabletop’s David Deahl planning an LA move next year

This time next year, Rosemary and David Deahl’s Big Deahl Productions should be settled into its new Los Angeles area location, as David Deah  Copyright © 2015.  All rights reserved.