SCC aims to provide 40,000 meals through donations

Last year, agency Shafer Condon Carter’s Big Wreath Food Project to feed the hungry through the Greater Chicago Food Depository resulted in 18,000 meals contributed by SCC’s 115 employees, partners and friends.

Actors to table read IFP & SCN 5 winning scripts 12/1

The five screenplays and stage play winners selected by IFP Chicago and Chicago Screenwriters Network for the Screenwriters Workshop, Thursday, Dec. 1, will have their scripts read live at the

World’s first H.265 mobile encoder demos at JBTV 12/3

A live demonstration of the world’s first H.265 hardware mobile encoder "Smart-Telecaster," the

“Empire” stars in TV special to spread holiday cheer

FOX’S EMPIRE STARS Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard will host Taraji and Terrence’s White Hot Holidays — which the network is billi

'One Chicago' is the theme for OTSC's Dec. 3 luncheon

The advertising community’s involvement in Off the Street Club dates back to 1902 when Frank Thomas, president of FCB’s predecessor agency Lord & Thomas, made the first donation to a struggling, West Side club for

Trisect has lots to celebrate on its 10th anniversary

A 10th anniversary party for founder/CEO Dick Thomas’ Trisect was celebrated by the agency’s more than 100 staffers last Thursday at its West Loop offices, and the evening highlights

Olwin lands first film role in an international feature

Life has been moving at jet speed for Chicago actor Ty Olwin. He was signed in mid-October for a leading role in French director Oliv

CAFM actors group hosts its 7th Holiday Party 12/14

Valuable raffle and silent auction prizes of winter weekend getaways at top hotels and tickets to major sports events will be part of the festivities at the 7th annual CAFM Holiday Hurrah Party

Cutters’ Rubin & Regan win AICE Camp K Grand Prizes

Corks are popping at Cutters and toasts are being made in honor of assistant editor David Rubin and assistant audio mixer Mike Regan who won two out of the three Grand Prizes at the 2015 AICE international Camp Kuleshov competition.

HMS Media’s musical PBS special and other Friday fare


Bulls & American Express team up on new video series

THE CHICAGO BULLS and American Express teamed up to produce the  “Home Court Advantage” se

Music Dealers’ turkey dinner a way of saying thanks

This evening, Nov. 19, 130 Chicago-based musicians whose work and travels often keep them from enjoying for a home cooked holiday dinner, are guests of Music Dealers’ 4th annual Harvest Potluck, where they can just relax and have a great time, starting at 6:30 p.m.  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.