Sedelmaier ascends to place in 2016 Ad Hall of Fame

Director Joe Sedelmaier reigned supreme as an advertising game changer, innovator, provocateur, giving America such ground-breaking commercials as Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef” and Federal Express’ “Fast Talking Man” among his incredible output of more than 30&

Chicago Filmmakers is officially firehouse owner

After more than two years in the works, Chicago Filmmakers on Friday closed on its purchase of the city-owned Chicago landmark firehouse in Edgewater and will start converting it into a center for diversity and literacy in media arts and major hub for the independent film community.

“Explorer” series opens with new title by DK Studios

After a five-year hiatus, National Geographic’s monthly, hourlong “Explorer” series was relaunched and now opens with an exciting title sequence designed and produced by DK Studios Chicago.

“Transformers 5” to receive $21mm to film in Detroit

Despite the termination of Michigan’s film incentives last July, the state will honor an agreement made with Michael Bay’s “Transformers 5” by providing the production with $21 million in incentives.

DDB lands Jeep; new BIC women’s razor account to C-K

DDB WON BIG with Fiat Chrysler’s Jeep Business, which was shifted from FCB Chicago and became the lead agency o

Privacy rights being fought between Apple and the DOJ

What should be an individual’s right to data privacy? When we live in what has become a wildly interconnected existence, what should anyone expect when it comes to the privacy of your personal information?

Joe Otting’s “The Talk” short set for world premiere

“Truth hurts” tersely describes director Joe Otting’s new 8-minute short, “The Talk,” a life-changing conversation between a father and his 10-year old daughter that’s racked up 190,000 web views over the past three weeks.

Alcaraz’ feature only Chi-made entry in Latino fest

Filmmaker Alonzo Alcaraz’ first feature, a romantic comedy made for a micro-budget of $20,000 will be the only Chicago-made film screening at the

Harris’ successful rom coms appeal to Black women

Mark Harris is both a prolific filmmaker and one of the last men standing. He has turned out 18 indie films over a dozen years and now finds himself among a handful of Chicago’s African American filmmakers in what was once a large and strong community.

Ramberg wins $1K prize in Latino Fest poster contest

Chicago-based illustrator, 25-year old Morgan Ramberg won the $1,000 cash prize from the 20th 

Winchester is first actor signed for “Chicago Law”


"Transformers 5" aka "E75" to film in London & Detroit

Director Michael Bay’s much-discussed “Transformers 5,” now known by the working title of “E75,” has started preproduction and will begin shooting in London, with additional scenes to be filmed in Detroit, according to new casting call information.  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.