Daufenbach Camera hires Schumacher vet Acuna

Veteran technician Michael Acuna joined Chicago-based Daufenbach Camera motion picture equipment rental company in March. With eleven years experience servicing Chicago’s film industry, the co-owner of the former Schumacher camera brings a wealth of homegrown expertise and local knowledge to one of the only Chicago-based equipment rental houses capable of outfitting large crews wi

“Femme Pyre” launches new era of film collaboration

“Femme Pyre,” Saturday night’s carnival themed fancy dress party at Camera Ambassador, prompted hundreds of guests to keep going until Sunday morning. This may have been due to the fact that there was a kissing booth, tarot card readers and at least three different kinds of dancers (belly, burlesque and go-go); but still, the event actually made “networking” fun.

AICP Leads Commercial Production Seminar

Chicago Producers, Production Supervisors, their assistants and Coordinators now have a chance to gain valuable information and updates on live and digital productions at the first-annual AICP Commercial Production Training Seminar. Already offered in Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and Atlanta, the weekend seminar will feature four breakout sessions taught b

Chicago agencies tune up for 2017 Battle of the Ad Bands

Chicago’s biggest amateur band contest between agencies is starting later than usual, but that’s because anticipation is higher and demand is greater. This year, the final battle will be held June 15, instead of the usual Spring time frame. Battle for Hope is the annual fund-raising event that pits Chicago age

The Escape Pod's decade of growth and success

Ten years ago, when The Escape Pod co-founders Vinny Warren and Norm Bilow decided to hang their shingle, they had no idea what lay ahead. “It’s a bit like having kids,” says co-founder and creative director, Vinny Warren. “Before you have kids you have a preconceived notion of

Oscar's Best Picture thrills Siskel Center guests

When asked to describe her expectations before the telecast of the 2017 Academy Awards at the Gene Siskel Film Center’s 14th annual “Hollywood on State” viewing party, legal secretary Joyce Bishop pretty much said that she expected the same-old, same-old. “The film I liked the most was Moonlight. It’s

Social Media Pays Tribute to Ruth Ratny

Tributes poured in on Reel Chicago’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as other social media pages, as word spread around the city that they had lost their beloved film and advertising herald.From advertising creatives to production compa

A tribute to the legend, Ruth L Ratny

Ruth Louise Ratny, founder and editor of ReelChicago and Screen Magazine, passed away quietly in her sleep on the evening of February 21. The only daughter of German immigrants who settled in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood, Ruth lived through a Great Depression, a World War, the Beat Generation, Viet Nam, hippies, disco, the first great wave of Feminism,

Leo, Allstate celebrate BHM with stories “worth telling”

Using the hashtag #WorthTelling, Leo Burnett Chicago continues Allstate’s Black History Month celebration for a second year with a series of documentary-style short films focusing on African American businesses and entrepreneurs.

Women of the Now ignites a "Femme Pyre"

The East Coast networking collective “Women of the Now” will bring its passion for empowering female filmmakers to Chicago with an upscale carnival-themed event entitled “Fe

"Hollywood on State" to honor Chicago filmmakers

The Gene Siskel Film Center’s 14th annual “Hollywood on State” Oscar night viewing party this Sunday promises to satisfy all kinds of movie lovers, including those with a passion for getting behind the lens.

DDB Worldwide's global female leadership push

Recognizing that the number of female creative leaders in advertising is disproportionate to the large number of existing female talent, DDB Worldwide has launched a bold new global search in order to target and elevate the most talented and creative females in their network.

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