11:33 a.m. — Stage 18

Stage 18 at Cinespace

Stage 18 at Cinespace

There’s always something going on at Stage 18, and it’s usually pretty cool.

Right now, the Public Relations director of Chicago’s Underground Film Festival is preparing to make a call for 2018 submissions, J Jack Productions is writing an inside scoop for the newsletter “Exposing the Crew,” and Digital Hydra is working on its latest independent film.

Cinespace President Alex Pissios and award-winning producer Angie Gaffney cofounded the film incubator in 2015. Since then, their influence has helped the non-profit grow into a collaborative networking force for Chicago’s film community.

Free Spirit Media intern Kenyetta Johnson at Stage 18
Free Spirit Media intern Kenyetta Johnson at Stage 18

The space is like a clubhouse for getting it done, nestled within the soundstages of Cinespace. Besides renting offices on a long-term or temporary basis, Stage 18 also hosts and co-hosts forums, meetings, and events around town where people can learn and share with professionals throughout the industry. But that’s only part of the deal.

The people are where it’s at. The members of Stage 18 are responsible for creating commercials, shorts, and features that have been viewed around the world.

According to Pissios, “Stage 18’s gonna produce the next John Hughes.” To find out who that visionary might be, visit Stage 18 here.

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