Amazon’s Kindle Fire pad to revolutionize indie film access


The new Kindle Fire is ideal for indie film distribution

The Reel is honored that award-winning indie filmmaker and Columbia College professor Julian Grant will be sharing his valuable insights as well as news about Chicago’s thriving indie scene.

CINEMA 2.0 IS ON ITS WAY, in the form of the new Kindle Fire from Amazon that was just announced and ships next month.  The much-in-demand tablet styled E-reader boasts a low sticker price of $199 and a gateway to all of your purchased Amazon content.

But most importantly, the 7-inch Kindle Fire tpad represents the next evolutionary step in artist-to-audience relationship, with direct access and output a reality.

The lure of cloud based content management and media acquisition is also exciting for indie filmmakers.

The Kindle Fire links automatically to your Amazon account and provides a fast proprietary web browser, all designed to keep your media contents stored online for you and available via Wifi access.
This means that you can remotely store films, TV shows and all the programming you would ever need, or could possibly want, at no expense to you. No physical goods are exchanged.
We are now moving to an exciting lease access model

This new advance is exciting for several reasons.

1. As we are no longer filling our hard drives with media files, we are free to purchase more content and at a much lower price. We have more space for more content.
2. Physical manufacturing has always been a cost passed on directly to the consumer, which has driven up the price of content creation for independent filmmakers.

Now we can upload materials to Amazon and pass on the web hotlink or store URL to our work via social media groups and personal promotion.

This eliminates the creation of DVDs and any other terrestrial- based product, driving all interest to Amazon Video for a seamless viewing experience.
3. Amazon is widely available worldwide without the restrictive posting policies and costly aggregation charges associated with Apple. You simply post to Amazon and it is available.

Low cost rentals open infinite indie film possibilities

I see the future of independent cinema in low cost rentals: 99 cents for an independent film, $1.99 for purchase, and $2.99 for purchase of enhanced or HD versions of the same film.

This is a price point that allows an audience member with an existing Amazon account a chance to log on, watch and retain (if they want) a film for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

At this price point, with the transaction behind handled seamlessly by Amazon and paid through Google’s Paypal system, Kindle Fire is liberation for independent filmmakers.

It is a direct portal between fans and filmmakers.  Ancillary marketing and paid ads are attached to the content in a non-obtrusive and mutually beneficial relationship.

One can opt in for advertorial enhancement or simply stream without an additional click through or promotion.

The Kindle Fire is a gamechanger

Indie filmmaker Julian Grant In 2012, I will no longer deliver finished goods to distributors in hopes of seeing money someday. I want to interact directly with my audience so I will sell to them directly.  The stigma of ‘self publishing’ be damned.

I’ve been making movies for a long time – and still rarely see profits beyond the minimum guarantees initially paid by broadcasters or distributors. It’s time for a change and I believe the Kindle Fire is such an event.

Audiences can access new and exciting films for a fraction of studio prices – and even then, we are ahead of the meager amounts usually paid to independent filmmakers.

The Kindle Fire represents a personal portal to OUR demand programming – what we want when we want and from whom we want.

No gatekeeper to shape our tastes, needs or dialogues. We can interact with the artist and follow his career.  We can be that artist allowing as much or as little access as we want. It is a two-way communication without filter or constraints.

Join the revolution with me and start exploring what’s possible in 2012 and beyond as we meet our audiences directly and create for customers worldwide out own destinies. Cinema 2.0 is here.

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