Ch. 7 celebrates 500th edition of “190 North”


Show host Janet Davies and one of her 499th hair styles

Janet Davies, one of Chicago’s friendliest and most-talented TV personalities, has made it to 500!  Not years old, silly. We’re talking about the 500th edition of WLS/Ch. 7’s “190 North,” the always fun and information-packed, weekly entertainment and leisure-oriented magazine show.

Davies will celebrate that milestone — and “190 North’s” 13th anniversary — on the show’s Nov. 13th edition. And just to keep that lucky “13” thing going, 13 story suggestions from 13 of the show’s Facebook fans will be highlighted during the Nov. 13th program.

Thanks to host Davies and the show’s enterprising staff, “190 North” is now the longest-running program of its type in the history of Ch. 7, as well as one of the longest-running in local broadcasting history.  Pop open the champagne.

We couldn’t let this bit of TV history pass, however, without a few words from the ever-effervescent Davies herself. So we gave her five questions to answer.  And here is what she said:

1. What does it feel like to make it through 500 editions of a show like “190 North?”

Feels like I should finally stop holding my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop and just realize it’s a success that is not going anywhere for now.
 2. What was the toughest aspect of getting the show to gel into something that could last so long?

Figuring out what viewers would like to see.  At first we had live interviews and performances mixed in with field produced pieces.  Slowly, I realized that what people wanted from us were stories they could use and experience.

 3. If you could do over just one thing in the now record-setting history of “190 North,” what would it be?

Never have booked Heather Mills (ex-Mrs. Paul McCartney).  I wanted to strangle the cold, rude *^**%* after the taping.  Anyway, I always knew “I” was supposed to marry the cute Beatle.

4. What about the show are you most proud of?

I am proud of all the people who have poured their creative talents into this local show and made it not only a  great production, but a milestone in Chicago broadcast history.  I am so grateful to call them colleagues and friends.

5. And last, but hardly least (!), how many hairdos would you estimate you have transitioned through over the long course of the show?  And which of those stylings did you like the best?

Four hundred and ninety nine coifs.  I liked one so much that I repeated it the next week.  It was the ‘do’ that made me look like Heidi Klum’s older, slightly less attractive sister.

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