Euro’s Sauza Blue ‘Fireman’ web video is smokin’ hot


Actor Thomas Beaudoin in Sauza Blue video

Like it or not, the Internet and its seemingly infinite possibilities for marketing products have been all the rage in the advertising world for years.

So for we jaded types who have heard it all about what a wonder the Web is, it takes a lot to fire up interest in a new digital campaign. Another video, you say?  So what.

We hear you.

But Euro RSCG/Chicago may have just produced the video project for Sauza Blue tequila that could send flames flying from millions of computers worldwide.  Yeah, it is that hot.

“It” is a two-minute video titled “Make It With a Fireman”

As far as video titles go, if you think that one sounds more than a little sexual, you would be right.

Even though the video is ostensibly about offering up a recipe for making a margarita with Sauza Blue tequila, the real purpose — make no mistake — is to ignite a firestorm of lust for the fearless fireman in this particular video as he lays out — step by step — his version of the cocktail, dubbed a “Sauza-rita.”

It’s a well-known truism that casting often is a key ingredient in any highly successful TV commercial (or film for that matter). And here Euro RSCG and the video’s director, Matt Lenski, have found a simply brilliant performer, Thomas Beaudoin, to play this margarita-making fireman with a different and appealing take on macho swagger.

More than a hunk, Beaudoin can act

Yes, of course, he’s a hunk like few others.  But the man, more importantly, can act.  His resume includes stints doing live theater, which have obviously given him an advantage when it comes to reading demanding and tricky lines with authority.

Beaudoin also really knows how to make love to the camera, and his sure way with a line generates huge amounts of sexual heat with seemingly effortless ease.

It also helps immensely that this actor has been given some great copy to help fuel our interest in what he’s pitching — whether it be giving a cat CPR or attending to a woman who might summon him to “fan the flames” rather than extinguish them.

Just listen to how Beaudoin tells us “maybe it’s lady’s night in, and she wants a simple, delicious recipe for margaritas with a twist.”

Generally speaking, we could care less about margaritas, or tequila for that matter.  But Beaudoin had us hanging on every single word as he talked us through the recipe.  Pay particular attention to the way he advises viewers not to discard the frozen limeade container.  Even that unassuming cylinder of cardboard and metal manages to take on an extraordinarily sexual connotation in this wildly sensual recipe lecture.

Though we are no fan of cats either, this feline who speaks a tiny bit of French (the language of love you know) is woven into the video proceedings with cunning wit.

Euro RSCG’s public relations spin on Beaudoin’s fireman and his “Sauza-rita” video suggests the character is meant to be “strong yet sensitive.”  Puh-leeze.  Let no one be fooled.  This is flat-out sexual flirtation at its most unabashedly blatant.

But the good thing is it works.

And the video should work extremely well to raise the profile of Sauza tequila more than a little as more and more viewers get a look at what this fireman is doing with his fiery, camera-ready personality. Already the video has generated nearly 650,000 hits.   We suspect that number will grow exponentially before the interest finally starts to wane.

CCO Peterson hitting his stride

Euro RSCG/Chicago chief creative officer, Jason Peterson, is the man behind the creation of this “Do It With a Fireman” video (along with the valuable contributions of copywriter Baptiste Limb and art director Ecole Weinstein.)

Peterson was also the creative responsible for the beguiling and delightfully folksy TV spots introduced last fall for the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain, one of Euro’s newest clients.

It would appear Peterson is definitely starting to hit his stride at the agency. And just in time. Because Euro RSCG needs to bring in some more nice pieces of new business to help make up for the huge blow delivered when Sprint exited the shop in December.

The below-the-line Sprint business had been a major revenue stream for the agency for years. Our sources indicate that its loss has resulted in a significant reduction in staffing at the agency, though Euro RSCG continues to maintain the cuts were not major.

Well, the truth is Euro RSCG/Chicago has been near death a few times over the past decade. But right now the joint is smokin’.

And we mean that in a very good way.

Euro RSCG credits: CCO, Jason Peterson; ACDs Batiste Limb, art director, ACD writer, Ecole Weinstein; flash designer, Sergio Vas. Account service supervisor, Beth Mygind.

Production:  Production company, Supply and Demand; director, Matt Lenski, producer, Alexis Kaplan.  Post, ODD; music, Duotone Audio, both New York.  Sound design, Made, Chicago; sound designer, Todd Bernstein. 

See the video here.

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