Top 10 Tips for writing great low-budget DIY films

I make a lot of DIY micro features and I’m often asked the screenwriting secret to having produced seven feature films in the last seven years. Detailed here are my Top 10 Tips to writing your own no-budget 

Four revolutionary ways to reach an indie audience

The days of begging distributors to take your work is over.  The days of receiving no money for your work is over.  Now, exciting new ways are emerging to reach an audience. If you are an independent filmmaker, you must join this revolution in the cloud and stake out your own digital turf.  Get engaged with authentic conversations with your viewers a

Teams organize to compete in Chicago 48HFP July 29

For the 11th year, the 48 Hour Film Project returns to Chicago starting the week of July 27 as filmmakers battle it out to complete an entire short film within a 48 hour period. Chicago is one of 100 international cities to participate and, sadly, no Chicag

How to mix great sound in the modern age

As I sit here working with only one engineer on a deck outfitted with the latest of digital tools, I about how far we have come in mixing films – and how many things remain the same. When I first started in this industry, we had actual film playback to concern ourselves with, locking sync and 2-inch tape decks to conform the pair.

Now shoot RAW cinema with two new cameras

For a number of years now, indie filmmakers who could afford it would shoot with the prestigious RED camera to much acclaim.  They had been promised a smaller, price-friendly version (Scarlet) but when it finally arrived it had a sticker price much higher than anticipated. 

Indie film “Dog Jack” a Black History Month release

Filmmaker Edward T. McDougal’s inspiring historical feature, “Dog Jack,” opens theatrically nationwide in celebration of February’s Black History Month — a year after the distributor discovered this gem at a regional film festival.  The st

Newell/Falzone's uncommon approach to improv indie

From the imaginative and colorful opening title sequence of “Close Quarters,” we are in the hands of debut feature filmmaker, Jack C. Newell, who is firmly in control of his craft.

Five proven tips on how to write a no-budget movie

Want to get your script produced? Are you tired of writing screenplays that go nowhere? Are you frustrated with the lack of response to your work? I’m going to show you how to write a NO BUDGET SCRIPT guaranteed to get made. 1. Write your script around locations you have access to.

New Lomokino camera a gamechanger for digital users

I just picked up from Lomography  that allows independent filmmakers and artists a chance to create beautiful analog films - using standard 35mm stock. It’s a game changer for those of us deeply immersed in digital and coveting the aesthetic of film. Forget Super 8 and 16mm film: 35mm is where it’s at.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire pad to revolutionize indie film access

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