Millspaugh & Souders’ entry wins 5 top 48HFP awards

Co-producers/directors Lynn Millspaugh and Derek Souders of Broad Street Films had no expectation of winning a prize in the 48 Hour Film Project contest, much less sweep the competition by winning five top awards.  “We just entered for fun,

TV stars in Alaniz’ “Mindy” indie to attend preview

“Seinfeld’s” Soup Nazi and “Parks and Recreation’s” Jerry Gergich will be among the cast at a reception during the Chicago Gala Screening of the romantic comedy feature, “

WYCC’s new Mayne Stage series launches with a party

When the Mayne Stage music/food venue general manager Joe Prino, former Metro co-owner and one the mos

OMD top exec Trish Chuipek is Ad Woman of the Year

The Chicago Advertising Federation announced the 2015 Advertising Woman of the Year is Trish Chuipek, president, Midwest Region of global media OMD, an Omnicom division, who will honored by a Chicago Advertising Federation luncheon this fall

Oyelowo, star of Mensch’s script, gets Emmy nod

FREDERICK MENSCH’S FIRST SCREENPLAY to be filmed, the thriller “Nightingale,” could deliver a primetime Emmy for actor

MWFF to showcase five Midwest-made TV pilots

The only five Midwest-made television pilots that will compete among 50 entries in the 11th New York Television Festival (NYTVF) 

New events starting to fill the September calendar

8/31: IFP’S ON TAP: KICK OFF PARTY Monday, Aug. 31 at Lagunitas Brewing, on

Large number of LA houses shooting spots in Chicago

COMMERCIALS FILMING HERE are big, notes Chicago Film Office director Rich Moskal, pointing to Radiant Pictures of LA’s shoot for Toyota night over five nights last week in the financial district, along the river and State Street, involving helicopters and c

Downstate film commission wins prize at State Fair

Spiderman, Marilyn Monroe, Holly Golightly and the Marlboro Man on the Central Illinois Film Commission float waved to delighted onlookers as they eased down the parade route at the recent Illinois State Fa

Keslow Camera adds Jim Summers and 3 new techs


Aurora actor, 11, voices lead role in new Pixar film

Keeping a secret is difficult for most people, and especially for young boy and especially when the secret he is forbidden to

National Camp Kuleshov awards here in October

Camp Kuleshov, the competition for assistants at AICE editorial houses, has gone national. The uber best entries from among all AICE chapters will receive the national prize this fall in Chicago, where it w  Copyright © 2015.  All rights reserved.