5 must-have iPhone Hacks to make mobile movies

I’m a big fan of “Next Generation Cinema” that’s evolving fast from the combination of a DIY work ethos coupled with smarter, faster and more adept phone platforms and robust “cellular-cinema” support devices being released every day.

The Reel’s Indie Funding Guide to help producers

As a champion of local independent filmmaking, ReelChicago is giving its its indie audience an extra boost with the Reel’s Indie Funding Guide: a

June auction for sale of Harpo Studio equipment

The biggest Chicago sale of used equipment will take place in early June when millions of dollars worth of top quality gear from Oprah’s Harpo Studios will be auctioned off to buyers around the world.

Starz’ new "Girlfriend" TV series shoots here for 4 days

“THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE” – the small screen adaptation of director Steven Soderbergh’s 2009 movie – starting June 9 will shoot city exter

Cutters scores four AICE Awards, Optimus wins one

At Wednesday night’s 14th annual AICE Awards ceremonies in LA, Cutters and Optimus were voted the Best among US and Toronto editors and postproduction experts competing for the 32 winning slots.

Farewell Teletech name -- hello new October.tv

Teletech Video, known back in the pre-digital film reel and celluloid days as a major spot duplication and distribution companies, has a new name and a new outlook on business. “

Six industry orgs unite for one big networking event

For the first time, six visual media-related organizations will bring their respective memberships together for the inaugural “getting to know you” Chicago Creatives Cocktail Party, Tuesday, May 26.

Country Time Lemonade's return after 14 year hiatus

Although Kraft’s Country Time Lemonade commercials from Chicago’s VSA Partners

Name actors in Singer Brothers’ first indie feature

THE BROTHERS SINGER, writer/producer David, who is also an award-winning composer, and producer Jonathan, of Coin Operated Films, have lined up an impressive cast for their debut indie 

Filmmakers head for Cannes to promote their projects

SEVERAL CHICAGO FILMMAKERS are heading to the May 13-24 Cannes Film Festival to personally further their fil

May 13-17 CUFF: film lovers’ paradise of new artists

Because the 22nd Chicago Underground Film Festival May 13-17 is the largest and longest-running such festival in the

Energy BBDO loses Lay’s to new assignment approach


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