Beast’s Gonzalez edits new Edmonton Oilers spot

With help from a handful of Chicago shops, Beast editor Dean Gonzalez built a larger-than-life commercial for the Edmonton Oilers.

What’s up with Seed Media director Kristina Perreault?

Chicago director Kristina Perreault is not afraid of things going wrong on the set, especially if they happen overseas. “When traveling, sometimes stuff happens and you have to make it work,” she explains. “I like that challenge of constantly being on your toes.”

Big Teeth's "Sit Stay Social" fuels outrage, compassion

The promotional video for Big Teeth Productions’ Sit Stay Social campaign has incited viewers to say things like “shame on you” and “it’s just wrong.” According to producer and digital strategist Mike Trivisonno, this is a success.

Utopic vid extends the Cubs' winning season into 2017

Chicago post-production company Utopic condensed the Chicago Cubs’ epic 2016 World Series journey into At Last, a 60-second video for the Chicago Tribune that will play all season long on the giant scoreboard in

Odd Machine director Mann earns Beard nomination

Odd Machine director James Mann received the James Beard Foundation’s 2017 nomination for Video and Technical Expertis for the web series Uncharted, sponsored by LL

Ziegelman's "Geek Lounge" serves up nerds and laughs

Filmmaker Larry Ziegelman’s new webseries, Geek Lounge, dramatizes the interaction of six friends who hang out in a bar that caters to lifelong Trekkies, obsessive Harry Potter fans, meticulous comic book historians and everything else that belongs within the provenance of nerdism.“I like to describe it as Cheers meets Silicon Valley,” explains Z

Feature debut glorifies the healing power of the Cubs

The Chicago Cubs have been a remedy for happiness in actor/producer Ann Hagemann’s family since 1945. That’s when her father began supporting the team as a young boy who wanted to momentarily forget that his family was poor, his father was dying of tuberculosis and, as World War II raged

Pasquesi returns as “a-hole” on sixth season of “Veep”

Chicago actor David Pasquesi will revive his role as Andrew Meyer on HBO’s Veep for the show’s sixth season beginning April 16. Playing the ex-husband of character Selina Meyer, the former US Vice Pre

CIMMfest's inaugural “Spring Fling” April 21-23

The Chicago International Movie and Music Festival — CIMMfest — debuts its inaugural

Barbara Roche takes over as publisher of ReelChicago

Barbara Roche officially became publisher of ReelChicago on April 1. Wielding decades of production and pre-production experience, Roche is the former cofounder and partner in Holzer Roche Casting, which supplied talent for such legendary Chicago films as Home Alone, Backdraft and Groundhog Day.

Director Nicole Bauer crowdfunds to kill people

No one died in the writing of this article, however if student filmmaker Nicole Bauer reaches her crowdfunding goal on Seed & Spark, then she hopes people will die in her movie, aptly titled, “People Die in This Movie.”

Skillicorn men form official business relationship

Heart, Brains & Nerve founder Nathan Skillicorn knew that Seed Media Arts was worth his time long before he agreed to rep it this month.  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.