The ultimate insult to filmmakers: TV movie on Bush made in Canada

First “Chicago” was filmed in Toronto. Then the cable story of dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker and mayor Rudy Giuliani. And now ? from the people who should know much, much better comes, are you ready? ? a TV movie on George W. Bush. “The Big Dance,” which makes a 9/11 hero of Bush, was shot on a Toronto s

Manuel producing as a one-stop shop

Spot producer Darryl Manuel finishing post on a doc about his musician father-in-law.

REELSCENE: News and Notes

WHEN THE WHITE SOX didn’t want to step up to the plate, Chicago lost a $30 million feature for this year. We heard Sox management sniffed that the club was in the baseball business and not the movie business when producers said they’d like to film “M

"Lizzie" director launches Indiefest film market

“Lizzie” director Lee Alan is launching Indiefest, the

Play ends with raves

Actor John Mossman wants to return to filmmaking after a 3-month run of “After the Fall”

Ed Asner, Judge Reinhold to star in Downstate producer's feature

Robin Peters is producing the feature “The Crab Orchard” in Champaign this June.

Oprah's contract to be extended?

It looks like Oprah may not leave her show in 2006 after all. It’s been reported she could renew through the 2007-08 season with distributor King World and the seven ABC

Nation-building doc plays locally and on Bosnian national TV

Elizabeth Coffman and Ted Hardin’s documentary “One More Mile” pla

Horror Fest features short by local feature director

Tadeo Garcia’s “Greasepaint” plays June 1 in the Chicago Horror Film

Commercial flies for 2-3 years

A split screen shows the miles accumulating at the bottom of the screen, as both persons dine at restaurants, travel on planes, sho

Engineering with the big guys

Audio engineer Michael Kammes said he’s still glowing from his experience as part of a stellar sound team on a $2.2 million PBS documentary airing this month. The first two hours of “Kingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites” aired May 14; the second part airs May 21 over Ch. 11. It’s part of PBS

Filmmakers sign Japanese co-production for Chicago indie "Homesick Blues"

“Homesick Blues” filmmakers Ed M. Koziarski and Junko Kajino The teeming maze of the Tokyo  Copyright © 2016.  All rights reserved.