Program Productions expands

Citing the need for “a little more room” to accommodate its expanded rental and equipment systems, Program Productions moved into 10,000-sq. ft. space at another Lombard location (870 Springer Dr.), a 2,500-sq. ft. upgrade from what had been strictly office space.

The new space “is more of a mixed use facility,” said general manager John Doyle, and includes necessary warehousing due to larger inventory of rental equipment Program Productions initiated two years ago. “In today’s real estate market, a mixed used facility is actually cheaper and larger to rent,” he noted.

Among the equipment is a multi-camera system for sports and special events business. Also added: DVD authoring and a larger, more comfortable edit suite.

Program Productions provides crew and gear for coverage of Chicago Rush Arena football, Clear Channel Entertainment at the Tweeter Center, and business meetings. Full-time crew is seven and grows to as many as 50 on sports days, Doyle said.


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